Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pre-Order Binary Tree Traversal

Time Complexity - O ( n log n )
Space Complexity - O ( n log n )

For every element to be processed, we keep looping down till we reach the leaf child node. And then elements are processed while coming up.
Thus to process element n, we recursively loop (or loop to stack the elements) upto height of that node O(h)
Since going down by height, we divide the scope into half (left or right subtree) - O(h) is log n
And each time we loop (through recursion or stack) - a new layer of stack is allocated in memory

Thus for all elements -
Time & Space Complexity = nO(h) = nlog n = n log n

Any tree traversal - Inorder, PreOrder, PostOrder, BFS, DFS - are all same O(n log n)


import java.util.Stack;

 ** Given a binary search tree  
      / \ 
     2   5 
    / \ 
   1   3
** Produces the output "4 2 1 0.5 3 5". 


public class PreOrder {
	/** ************************** PreOrder : Recursive ************************** **/

	public void preOrderRecursive(Node node) {
		if (node == null)
		// first deal with the node

		// then recur on both subtrees

	/** ************************** PreOrder : Iterative ************************** **/

	public void preOrderIterative (Node n) {
		//using stack
		Stack<Object> s = new Stack<Object>();
		// what preOrderRecursive(n.left) does
		preOrderpPushLeftChildsToStack(s, n);

		// what happens when preOrderRecursive(n.right) is called
		while (!s.isEmpty()) {
			Node t = (Node) s.pop();
			// preOrderRecursive(n.right) is called
			t = t.right;
			// what preOrderRecursive(n.left) does
			preOrderpPushLeftChildsToStack(s, t);	
	// it does what preOrderRecursive(n.left) was doing
	// note - in preorder - the processing of node is done as soon as it is discovered.
	public void preOrderpPushLeftChildsToStack(Stack<Object> s, Node n) {
		while (n != null) {
			// processing on a node
			n = n.left;
	public void process(Node n) {



  1. I disagree with the complexity conclusion. Since tree traversals visit each tree node only one time, time complexity must be linear in respect to the size of the tree.

    Isn't so?

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