Concurrent Threads

Whenever someone talks about parallel processing, threads is the foremost thing that pops out in mind.

The below listed posts I'll specifically cover the topic of Threads. It explains the basics of threads, how to create them, concepts of synchronization, wait and notify, deadlocks, avoiding deadlocks, mutability the threads APIs from concurrent package; along with code.

Threads Basics -

DeadLocks, Synchronization & Mutability -

Threads Using Concurrent API -

Miscellaneous Java Threads Notes lists some points about threads that always kept in my notepad.

All thread related posts can be found at

I used Java's concurrent threads in one of my project to process 100M+ records. I used divide & conquer algorithm with threads and reduced the processing time of 100M data from 16 hours of non-thread processing to 2 hours of parallel processing. It was just awesome!

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